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2 Jan 2020

This well-argued book is a warning from history. Anyone who wants to understand how the Nazis came to power and how much democracy depends on commitment to making the system work should read it. Hett shows the similarities between the diabolical political situation in Germany in the ear...

27 Oct 2019

Australia has a long and proud history of fighting for human rights. Australians fought in both world wars, and many since, against the scourge of tyranny. 

Australia has a long history of defending human beings’ dignity and worth.  Eminent Australian Dr Herbert Vere Evatt helped draft t...

23 Apr 2019

The loss of the Great War, the Great Depression and political catastrophe are often cited as the reasons for the Nazi’s ascension to power in Germany. They were factors but there’s another: Paul von Hindenburg.

President Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor on 30 January 1933. Bu...

18 Aug 2018

Christian theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer exemplified the characteristics of the man he worshipped. 
 Bonhoeffer was a leading Christian in Germany in the twenties and thirties. Metaxas has written an intimate portrait. His research is meticulous in this readable narrative, some of which...

29 May 2018

The man who paved the way for Hitler or the last bulwark against dictatorship? That’s the question historians have asked about Heinrich Brüning, the 12th of the 14 Weimar Republic Chancellors of Germany. Eighty-six years ago on 30 May, Brüning, above, was sacked. Most historians are on...

24 Apr 2018

I am writing to tell you about a new European Union law that affects you and I. The internet and the corporations it has enabled has transformed how we live. We have never had the access to as much information as we do today. It’s all at our fingertips. As you would know from recent rev...

21 Jan 2018

Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany 85 years ago this month was not inevitable. Despite the Nazi’s leader’s mesmeric oratory, despite eight million Germans unemployed – a third of the workforce – and despite political instability. There were three Chancellors in 1932 and two unsc...

29 Oct 2017

In the world in which we live there is a lack of true leaders in the positions that require real leadership. Though many may call themselves leaders in all walks of life, most are far from it. Those in charge of countries and the destinies of millions of people appear to be almost cluel...

8 Oct 2017

There’s been another mass shooting in the United States. That’s how news reports of these tragedies start these days. Another one. It’s not out of the ordinary anymore. It's almost as if we expect it. And that expectation will be fulfilled because firearm control won’t happen until the...

1 Oct 2017

Earnest but ineffective was how my right wing international political professor described the 39th president of the United States. He was replacing his objectivity with his political views. Today, 1 October, is President Carter’s 93rd birthday.

By any objective measure, President Carter,...

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