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30 Sep 2017

Australian Rules Football arouses abiding passion and extreme emotions. Big wins bring great joy; big losses deep sadness. But today, for Richmond Football Club supporters, the joy is unparalleled.

Richmond won the grand final, beating Adelaide 108 points to 60. The grand final is A...

17 Sep 2017

The death, devastation and disarray of war is brought to life in this 1989 novel. The 178,500-word epic is similar to Herman Wouk’s Winds of War and Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy (Fall of Giants, Winter of the World and the Edge of Eternity).

The centrepiece is that amazing achievement...

17 Sep 2017

Fair and balanced is the US cable network Fox News’s slogan. Anyone who has watched it knows it's a good example of an Orwellian phrase.

And now the phrase may be added to the charter of Australia's pubic broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. And the broadcaster's salarie...

8 Sep 2017

The World’s Most Expensive Opinion Poll is going ahead now Australia’s High Court has decided it’s constitutional.

3 Sep 2017

The World’s Most Expensive Opinion Poll may not happen if Australia’s High Court rules it unconstitutional. And if it does, the country will be saved $122 million. The Australian Government wants to ask: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”. At a two-day Full...

25 Aug 2017

Everything in moderation was one of my mum’s favourite sayings. The influence of parents is powerful and now, all these decades after I first heard her say those words, they make more sense than ever. My father was a moderate man: risk-averse, dependable and “solid”. The label “conserva...

17 Aug 2017

Berlin 1929: “Street fighting in Wedding and Neukölln. Nine dead, 100 seriously injured, 1000 arrested. Riots and open civil war. The Communist Party is going for broke. Tumultuous scenes in the Reichstag this afternoon. The Communists want a debate on the events. The Social Democrat Ku...

9 Aug 2017

Fee-free degrees for 4500 Australian nurses or 1900 new teaching positions or give 16,200 families a year of childcare rebates.

That’s just three things $122 million dollars would buy. And the list goes on.

But instead, the Australian Government is going to spend it on a postal plebiscite...

6 Aug 2017

Germany is known for many achievements. More recently the country has made international headlines for legalising same-sex marriage. Germany was the birthplace of modern gay identity. As in so many things, Germans were at the forefront of thinking. Robert Beachy tells the story of the h...

15 Jul 2017

Malta last week became the latest in an increasingly long list of countries to legalise marriage equality. Catholic conservativism has been upturned. Malta is 91 percent Catholic. And the parliamentary vote was an overwhelming 66 to 1. Spain has a Catholic population of 77 percent and m...

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