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Plebiscite is outrageous

August 9, 2017

Fee-free degrees for 4500 Australian nurses or 1900 new teaching positions or give 16,200 families a year of childcare rebates.


That’s just three things $122 million dollars would buy. And the list goes on.

But instead, the Australian Government is going to spend it on a postal plebiscite. It’s cloaked in in the guise of giving the people an opportunity to have their say about a vital society-changing issue: marriage equality. It’s the world’s most expensive opinion poll.


But the people have had their say – in far less expensive opinion polls at no cost to taxpayers


. Between between 60 per cent and 70 percent support marriage equality. 


After years of debating marriage equality, we’re about to intensify the argument. The maddies, baddies and crazies will spew their viperous vitriol. Gay people will be demeaned, abused and some young ones will suicide.


And when the alarmist, frightening and exaggerated nonsense from anti-equality proponents is over and the votes are counted and they lose, there’s no guarantee the law will change. Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz and others have said they won’t be bound by the result.


Both parties have been guilty of wasting money. But nothing comes close to this outrageous and egregious action propelled by the religious right of the Liberal Party.




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