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Violent repeat

August 17, 2017

Berlin 1929: “Street fighting in Wedding and Neukölln. Nine dead, 100 seriously injured, 1000 arrested. Riots and open civil war. The Communist Party is going for broke. Tumultuous scenes in the Reichstag this afternoon. The Communists want a debate on the events. The Social Democrat Kuenstler was beaten up. As a finale, the Communists sang the Internationale. More street fighting is breaking out in Wedding. And this is our stable republic! The situation won’t improve until we have shown the mob what we are made of. When will our hour come?” That was Josef Goebbels’ diary entry for 2 May 1929.


The scenario was repeated in the years until Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in January 1933. The violence was orchestrated by Goebbels. Nazis started fights with their opponents. The violence often escalated to a riot. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people were killed. The Nazis claimed they were the only ones who could bring back law and order.


Charlottesville 2017: “It is important for us to come to this rally because this is the largest nationalist rally in the past generation here in the United States. The Traditionalist Worker Party, the League of the South and other allies of the Nationalist Front partnering with other nationalist organisations to take a united stand. It’s crucial for us to have been here because we understand our heritage is under attack … We are being faced with so many problems that in full of frustration and understanding that Washington DC and our state governments do not represent us. Donald Trump tapped into that but he didn’t create that ... I don't think the Unite The Right event could have happened five years ago, but primarily because we have been building infrastructure for a very long time, to be able to mobilise our numbers like never before. That was Traditionalist Workers Party spokesperson Matthew Heimbach, 15 August 2017.


My novel, Karl's War, is set during this period. It's a thriller with a difference. Get your free copy here or click on 'Home'.

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